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Wayne Land

Trusted Real Estate Consultant for First Home Buyers

...where experience counts...

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Your First Home Buyer Specialist

About Me

 Experienced Buyer's Agent who works for you !

  • Specialist in First Home Buyer solutions including innovative financing strategies for low/ no deposit purchases; 

  • High-yield packages for investors &

  • Targetted searches for owner-occupiers.


I am a highly-experienced buyer's agent focused on your being your one-stop confidant, when it comes to expert property advice.

I have facilitated more than 300 successful first home buyer purchases, and more than 100 investor property purchases.


I specialise in 2 geographical markets:

1) Central Queensland (Rockhampton) region

2) South-East Queensland region


With qualifications developed over the past 30 years in real-estate, engineering, building, property development, property management and as a JP (Comm.Dec) , please talk to me about being Your Property Adviser.


Your Passion


Experience You Can Trust

First Home Buyer Specialist

High Yield Property


Having helped more than 300  home buyers acquire their first home, I have specialised in understanding & advising on all aspects of first home buyer house & land packages, including land selection, house design, finishes, building, leverage of government grants and most importantly innovative financing strategies for low/ no deposit purchases. Call me if you would like me to be your first home Property Adviser.

In the low--yield investment world we now live in, finding high-yielding investments requires skill, time and knowledge. By engaging me as Your Property Adviser, I can act as your buyer's agent to help you select a property based on good locations with strong growth potential, high rental yield and low ongoing costs. Having been a both a property developer and property manager, I have a unique insight into what and where to look for good buying opportunities. Where-ever involved, I will fully disclose any fees paid to me from Sellers.  

Targetted searches - Owner Occupiers

I am a good listener and  based on your brief, I will save you time and execute a focussed search for properties which address your needs, by researching both on-market & off-market property listings, as well as through use of sophisticated software platforms, including candidate sites for both owner occupiers & property-developers.

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Reach Your Goals

  • Call anytime for a confidential discussion about buying any property.

    1 hr


Emily & Byron

“Today we moved into our brand-new home and this couldn’t have happened without Wayne. It always seemed like a pipe dream for us until the day we decided to just make the call and see what happened.  The team helped us select the perfect home for our needs and block size. The process was so easy and straight-forward and he was more than happy to answer all our questions and make us feel super comfortable with our choices.  Wayne was available any time we needed to answer questions, give updates or make any changes we wanted, it was never a hassle. This whole experience has been so stress free and enjoyable and we have done nothing but recommend him to others. Words are not enough to describe how happy and grateful we are to have started our next journey in life.”

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